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GTF (Gowramma Thimmareddy Foundation) has been founded by a family of a benevolent philanthropis based out of bangalore on 07th July 2017.

In the loving memory of
Late Smt. Gworamma
Late Sri. Thimmareddy


The Life Trustees

Author - Sri. B T Nagaraj Reddy

Trustee - Smt. Shanthamma

Trustee - Sri. B N Mahendra

Objects of the Trust

❖ The Trust herein declared shall be for benefit of the public and charitable purpose and shall interalia carryout the under noted objects for which the Trust is founded are:

❖ To establish, run montessary, Nursery,Primary, Middle and higher secondary educational institution/s, P.U.Colleges, First grade colleges, post graduate institutions and to support aid to help in setting up or running schools and other institutions and to support boarding facilities for the benefit of orphans, poor, needy people in the society without any distinction or discrimination of caste, creed, religion, race or colour etc.

❖ To establish, run, promote, participate, maintain, finance the institution/s or center/s, involving in providing free/concessional boarding facilities, for old age homes, orphanage, spastic homes, destitute homes, and also the helping centers for blind and other physically handicapped.

❖ To impart education for illiterate adults covering all sections of the society and to establish centers for self-employment generation.

❖ To distribute the books, uniforms, awarding of scholarship etc; to economically weaker section in the society, and to provide play-ground in order to promote sports and to maintain public parks.

❖ To provide shelter/s with all facilities for economically back ward class in the rural parts.

❖ To bring, publish and distribute books, periodicals, brochures, news papers and also to open and maintain libraries, reading rooms etc.

❖ To establish and manage Goshalas/Animal shelters for the benefit of stray, unproductive cattle and other animals for lifetime in order to alleviate pain and sufferings and ensure welfare of such animals.

❖ To achieve the above objectives, the trust may accept / solicit donation, Grants, gifts and any assistance in cash or in kind from any Individual, NGOs’, Institution or Trust, State or Central Government, Municipalities, Public Bodies, Non-Resident Indian, Foreign Agencies, Non-Governmental organizations, Philanthropist or any other agencies.


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